I study Art and Design at The Manchester Grammar School. I achieved an A* in Art and design at IGCSE and continue to study it at A Level. I found my passion for photography in 2011, aged 11, and it remains my favourite form of art due to the technical nature of capturing an image. I credit my condition, Asperger's Syndrome,  for my ability to capture interesting photographs (please read my article, Put a camera in your autistic childs' hands).
I include several genres of photography in my work, although documentary and portraiture have become my main focus. It was during the summer of 2016 that I began photographing the homeless in Manchester. Prior to this I had never really incorporated portraiture into my work - I never found portraits very interesting. Over time, I captured many more photos of the homeless community, and after talking to the people and learning about them and their past, I began to connect the images with the stories. This is when I realised that portraits are not just pictures of people, they portray the person in front of the camera - their personality, emotions, lifestyle and experiences. Portraiture has become one of my favourite genres of photography due to this.
Two pieces of my A-Level artwork, including a repetitive screen print of one of my photographs in the style of Andy Warhol, have just been exhibited as part of the International Arts and Homelessness Summit.
Read more about the work at:  http://mgslife.org/story/c433cd7a3e
If you have any queries regarding my work, fine art print sales or require a photographer for private or commercial applications, don't hesitate to contact me.