I am a documentary and portrait photographer from Stockport, Cheshire. My educational background is in fine art, although I have practised photography since 2011. While my portfolio of professional work is currently limited, my years of experience and education have developed my ability, and I am now pursuing further education in photography. Due to my status, I am available for event, portrait and commercial photography across the North-West of England at affordable rates. While documentary and portraiture have become my main focus, I include several genres of photography in my work and I am always open to capturing new and obscure subjects.

Photography is a passion of mine. I have educated myself on the subject over the years, while studying fine art, and learnt the capabilities of modern camera technology. I am a perspective undergraduate student of photography, and I wish to develop my portfolio of professional work. My experience in documentary photography has taught me to tell the story of a scene or moment in time intimately, or communicate a desired message. If you’re looking for a photographer with a naturalistic but professional style, who doesn’t charge extortionate prices, contact me and we can discuss whether I am the right photographer for your requirements.

If you have any queries regarding my work, fine art print sales or require a photographer for private or commercial applications, don't hesitate to contact me.

In November 2018, selected works from my collection 'The REAL Issue' were exhibited as part of the International Arts and Homelessness Festival in Manchester.